A List of Things to Talk About on Match.com Other Than Fucking Zumba

Match.com has released its 2014 Year in Review report, and apparently, people don't have very much to mention about themselves other than "Zumba" and Frozen. Listen, love in the time of cholera internet dating can be rough. The whole idea of looking for a partner based on the pretense of personal branding is a bit… »12/09/14 7:45pm12/09/14 7:45pm

Woman Tells Urban Legend-Like Story About Match.com Pairing Her with Colorado Shooter

TMZ, ever eager to disinter one the creepier, more lurid follow-up stories to the shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, has pulled a wriggly worm of an anecdote out of the ground and is waving it around for everyone to flinch at — a Colorado woman named "Diana" says that on Friday afternoon, Match.com… »7/22/12 11:30am7/22/12 11:30am

Match.com Attempts to 'Revolutionize' Online Dating by Setting People Up Offline

There are pros and cons to both online and offline dating: let's face it, most people are assholes, and it's hard to connect with even those who aren't in this crazy, fast-paced, ~~~digital~~~ world of ours. (I mean, did you read Gawker's "Passive-Aggressive Break-Up Text Messages From a Fedora-Wearing Lawyer"?) But… »5/15/12 6:00pm5/15/12 6:00pm

Creepy Finance Guy With Spreadsheet of Match.com 'Prospects' Says He Was Just Trying to Be Organized

A certain Match.com member kept a ridiculously nitpicky Excel spreadsheet tracking his "in process" ladies. He then sent said document to the girl he liked most, who forwarded it to her friends, and eventually the spreadsheet — which contains his prospective dates' contact information — went viral. Jezebel got this… »4/17/12 4:45pm4/17/12 4:45pm

Woman Lets Match.com Dates Pay For All Of Her Dinners

These are rough economic times, but thankfully a young woman has developed a way to get strangers to cover your entire food budget, including the occasional bottle of $200 champagne. All you need to do is aggressively court men on Match.com and set up a complex dinner date schedule that keeps you well-fed throughout… »11/29/11 9:42pm11/29/11 9:42pm

Should Online Dating Sites Pre-Screen Members For Previous Sexual Offenses?

A woman is suing Match.com after she went on a date with a man she met on the site, who then followed her home and assaulted her. After the incident, a quick Google search revealed that the man had been convicted of several counts of sexual battery, prompting her to ask why aren't online dating sites pre-screening… »4/15/11 2:45pm4/15/11 2:45pm