Someone Better Matchmake This Adorable Old Irish Matchmaker Stat

Willie Daly is an Irish man who, according to a New York Times profile, "thinks he is in his early 70s but does not know precisely because, he says, the priest who kept such records drank a lot." He is also clearly a highly successful matchmaker, one who is sadly going through a divorce of his own. Won't someone help… »2/04/15 6:50pm2/04/15 6:50pm


Matchmaker: Rich Older Women Looking for Love Are 'Too Hard' to Match

There's plenty to find sickening about the wealth oozing from Silicon Valley, though the latest comes by the way of a surprising source: Kelleher International ("making love happen...since 1986"), a matchmaking service that can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars help the richest of the rich find their special… »10/14/13 10:35am10/14/13 10:35am

China’s ‘Love Hunters’ Are Just as Gross as They Sound

Unfortunately, the Sleepless in Austin douche who offered a bounty of $1,500 for the first amateur matchmaker willing to help him find a smart/beautiful/clear-skinned/non-pregnant/virginal/thin/long-haired girlfriend is not some sort of weird outlier living in an attic surrounded by Boba Fett actions figures while… »9/28/13 3:00pm9/28/13 3:00pm

Salad Lovers Now Have Their Very Own Sneeze-Guarded Dating App

People hook up in salad bars now, thanks in no small part to a dating site (and now app) called Salad Match. This is just the future we live in, a future where advanced communications technology is being used not to exchanged baking recipes with advanced alien civilizations or decode the orcas’ secret language, but… »9/01/13 5:30pm9/01/13 5:30pm

Isn't It Time the NSA Went Into the Matchmaking Business?

Meeting people sucks. Maybe it would just be easier if the government did it for us. Before you dismiss my proposal as another big Nanny State bleeding heart poopy pants liberal Obamabot fantasy, consider what's happening in South Korea, where the lowest fertility rate among industrialized countries (1.15) has… »8/05/13 6:00pm8/05/13 6:00pm

Eligible Singles in China Are All Business When It Comes to Love and Marriage

Dating in China is a considerably more business-like endeavor, at least according to the New York Times' Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore, who casts marriage in China as a generally economic arrangement stripped of its sentimentality. Men and women have extremely specific requirements for potential mates and, on some… »8/22/12 12:10pm8/22/12 12:10pm

Brace Yourself For a Freezer Bag Full of Stinky, Stinky Love

If you worry that the hyper-competitiveness and extraordinary density of America's two megalopolises — New York and L.A. (Philadelphia, nobody cares) — are starting to create a new breed of human beings that will soon only be able to aspirate caffeine-infused oxygen, then the latest matchmaking gimmick will probably… »6/24/12 3:00pm6/24/12 3:00pm

The Pseudo-Science Behind Dating Websites Is Total Crap

Like Love Potion no. 9, a decent film adaptation of Infinite Jest, and passable meatless bacon, the notion that a dating website like eharmony can utilize user-entered data to precisely and scientifically predict future relationship potential is a quixotic myth willed into being by our stupid dreams and kept alive by… »4/17/12 1:15pm4/17/12 1:15pm

Dating Advice You Never Wanted: How to Snag a Wall Street Man

Close your eyes and think of your dream partner. What's he or she like? Do they have a great sense of humor? Are they kind? Maybe cute in a way that's a little awkward and nonthreatening? Do they seem like they'd be a good parent? Haha, JK, guys. Everyone knows that what every woman wants is a Wall Street Banker. It… »2/08/12 7:45pm2/08/12 7:45pm