Mary Matalin: Cain Accusers Are Just 'Feminists Who Want[ed] To Be Offended'

Republican strategist Mary Matalin appeared on Good Morning America this morning and championed Herman Cain's statements made at his press conference, calling his denial "powerful and believable." Worse, she blames the women who have stepped forward for being feminists during a time when she thinks feminists were… »11/09/11 11:10am11/09/11 11:10am


Mary Matalin And Stephen Colbert's Conversational Competition

"I've never had on a Republican strategist of your caliber before," Stephen Colbert told Mary Matalin »3/19/10 11:00am3/19/10 11:00am on his show last night. Which is what made the subsequent tango so fascinating. It's a complex line to walk to be a conservative satirist alongside a conservative talking points machine. Colbert had the choice to…