Adorable Lunch Blogger Will Team with Celebrity Chef to Make Better Lunches

It's been a busy weekend for intrepid Scottish food blogger Martha Payne. First, humorless adults at Lochgilphead Primary School in western Scotland told the nine-year-old she could no longer photograph her disarmingly Euclidean school lunches because she was apparently jeopardizing the jobs of innocent lunch ladies.… »6/17/12 3:30pm6/17/12 3:30pm


Adorable Scottish School Lunch Activist Silenced By Government Sourpusses

Martha Payne, a 9-year-old who attends Lochgilphead Primary school in western Scotland, was dismayed by the lack of healthy options available in her school's cafeteria. So she started a blog called Never Seconds, where she posted photos of each day's congealed lasagna wedge along with a short review and miscellaneous… »6/15/12 5:45pm6/15/12 5:45pm