Witch Season

This is a busy month » 8/21/08 1:20pm 8/21/08 1:20pm for Bolivian "witches," called yatiris by the Aymaras indigenous group in El Alto. August is the month between winter and spring in Bolivia, and thus it is a critical month for farmers. According to the Aymaras, the Earth deities are hungry for offerings during this time, and thus the Aymara…

Who's To Blame For Little-Girl Voices?

They say women pick clothes to impress women, but do they pick voices to impress men? That's the question we were left with after listening to reporter Ashley Milne-Tyte's segment on NPR's 'Marketplace' about the disturbing — and apparently growing — trend of adult women who sound like little girls. Like Monica… » 6/18/07 3:12pm 6/18/07 3:12pm