Kate Moss Discusses Calvin Klein Ads, Is Cool as Hell

As one of the most recognizable fashion models of all time, you’d think Kate Moss would act in the extreme—feisty like Naomi Campbell, or going the opposite direction and being a meditative, calming force like Christy Turlington. In this new ShowStudio interview with Nick Knight, though, she proves to be neither. » 5/27/15 6:10pm 5/27/15 6:10pm

Presenting The New Pirelli Calendar [NSFW]

This morning in New York City, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti unveiled the 2012 Pirelli calendar — the limited-edition corporate gift for top clients, published annually by the tire brand, that just happens to double as one of modeling's most prestigious gigs. The Pirelli calendar is to the girlie calendar in the… » 12/06/11 2:55pm 12/06/11 2:55pm