In Marc Jacobs' World, Runway Modeling Is Just Like Being in a Peanut Butter Commercial

Marc Jacobs still doesn't get why it's not appropriate for 14-year-olds to be working essentially full-time as fashion models. "You have child actors and children who model for catalogs," the designer tells Time. "What's the difference between doing a commercial for peanut butter and being on a runway?" An interesting… » 3/09/12 11:50am 3/09/12 11:50am

Model Would Just Like To Say She Really Enjoyed Working Unpaid For Marc Jacobs

Hailey Hasbrook — a 17-year-old new face model who worked over 30 hours for Marc Jacobs during New York fashion week while the designer styled his collection, and who is just one of the many runway models Jacobs doesn't pay — has written a response to our earlier story. It reads in part: » 3/05/12 5:55pm 3/05/12 5:55pm