Samantha Bee Knows the Secret Behind the Pope's Resignation

Yesterday, Benedict XVI became the first pope to resign from the papacy in over 600 years, sparking rumors that it was some sort of controversy that forced him to step down from the position. It's hard to imagine just how bad it could get for the Catholic church to hold one of their own responsible (what — did he say… »2/12/13 1:00pm2/12/13 1:00pm

Woman Whose Photos Were Used To Create "Lennay Kekua" Understandably Flees Social Media

The epic catfishing of Manti Te'o continues to befuddle the nation. 23-year-old Los Angeles woman Diane O'Meara, whose photographs were now infamously appropriated by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo as an avatar for the nonexistent "Lennay Kekua," wrote a piece in the L.A. Times where she basically just does this. And who can… »1/26/13 6:00pm1/26/13 6:00pm

The State Department Fights to Protect Americans From the Threat of Fake Girlfriends

In this post-9/11 Manti Te'o world, the last thing the U.S. Government wants to see is any American citizen become a victim of terrorism or an internet dating scam. So the State Department has taken some time out of its leisurely schedule to compile some tips on how to avoid getting your heart broken by a fake… »1/24/13 5:45pm1/24/13 5:45pm

Jennifer Lawrence Denounces Unflattering Paparazzi Pic: 'That's Not My Butt!'

Like that candy corn in the crack of your sofa cushions, the movie Cool Runnings or the actor Michael Caine, this is slightly old and yet important: When Jennifer Lawrence sat down with David Letterman Thursday, he procured a paparazzi photo of her in a bikini so that she could "answer" for her saggy butt. JLaw… »1/21/13 9:00am1/21/13 9:00am

Notre Dame Says Manti Te'o Is a Victim. That's Rich, Considering Their History of Ignoring Actual Victims.

Notre Dame is notorious for covering up sexual assault allegations involving its football players, but the school declared star linebacker Manti Te'o a "victim" within mere hours after the news broke that his saintlike dead girlfriend never actually existed. Why is Notre Dame in such a rush to assert Te'o's victimhood… »1/17/13 11:35am1/17/13 11:35am

Good Job, Society—Kim Kardashian Now Feels the Need to Specify She Won't Be Allowing TV Cameras in Her Birth Canal

Oh, America. You crazy. Apparently this is what we've come to—Kim Kardashian's life/work/romance/pregnancy/dental work/fluids/droppings have become so thoroughly and painstakingly documented that she feels the need to announce that she won't be allowing E! to shove a steadicam up her giner during childbirth. »1/16/13 8:00pm1/16/13 8:00pm