Photoshop Of Horrors

Jessica Alba is in a Campari campaign shot by photographer Mario Testino, but it seems her normal, "real" body wasn't good enough. As you can see from the before and after images, the actress's waist was whittled for the ad. Because although she is gorgeous, she just doesn't have the ribcage-less hourglass shape… » 12/08/08 9:40am 12/08/08 9:40am

PhotoShop Of Horrors

A reader points us to this picture from PhotoShop Disasters. It's a shot of two magazines, side by side, each featuring Lily Allen on the cover. Each magazine manipulated the same photograph of Lily. We found the original image. Is she actually wearing a yellow dress? Or black dress? Is her lipstick pink? Or red? And… » 6/03/08 10:45am 6/03/08 10:45am

The Truth About Images That Lie

Susannah Frankel writes in today's Independent: "The adage that 'the camera never lies' is as unreliable now as it ever was." Sure, there's PhotoShop and other means of digital manipulation, but even unretouched pictures often do not tell the complete story. Nick Knight is responsible for dozens of global advertising… » 5/16/08 1:00pm 5/16/08 1:00pm