Everyone Loses Their Shit Over Oprah's Final Favorite Things

Today Oprah surprised an audience of "givers" with her last-ever Favorite Things show. Watch grown men cried over cashmere blankets, women screaming in ecstasy, and one person mouth, "I'm gonna drop dead." (Oprah literally had medics in the aisles.) » 11/19/10 5:46pm 11/19/10 5:46pm

Giuliana Rancic's Red Carpet Diet Obsession

What is E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic's damage? She was manic on the red carpet, complimenting nearly every (thin) female celebrity's body, and compulsively asking about diets. Thankfully, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks commented on the "wackiness" of those who don't eat. » 1/18/10 2:40pm 1/18/10 2:40pm