Mandie Erickson In 'Page Six Magazine': The Female Dog Gets Her Day

Imagine our absolute delight when we saw that this week's Page Six Magazine had a big, juicy profile on our favorite evil "mentor" Mandie Erickson from The Fashionista Diaries. Oh, and it's a good one, too! The headline asks, "Is This the Most Hated Woman in New York?" Well, judging by the piece, writer Maureen… »11/12/07 12:00pm11/12/07 12:00pm

Mandie Erickson Designs Clothes But Doesn't Want Us To Know About It

Remember Mandie Erickson, the PR mentor/reality show villain/cunt face from The Fashionista Diaries? Well, apparently her talents are not limited to being horrible at interpersonal communication while working in public relations and making others feel bad about themselves as a way to mask her own insecurity. She also… »11/05/07 3:00pm11/05/07 3:00pm

'The Fashionista Diaries': Mandie Erickson, We Miss You Already

Last night was the finale of The Fashionista Diaries. Of the six kids, only two — Rachel and Janjay — were offered permanent positions at their jobs. But we were happiest for Laurie, the Seventh House assistant who was told to stop eating by Social Life magazine editor Devora Rose, and to stop wearing Gucci mules by… »10/04/07 5:00pm10/04/07 5:00pm

'The Fashionista Diaries': Bridget Wets Her Pants

Even though Mandie Erickson hasn't had too much camera time over the past two episodes of The Fashionista Diaries (CF, come back to us!), she's still managed to keep up a spirit of cuntiness through the inane tasks she assigns to Seventh House assistants Bridget and Laurie. It's a perfectly acceptable chore to have… »9/27/07 3:30pm9/27/07 3:30pm

'The Fashionista Diaries': Whites Learn That Blacks Get Darker When Exposed To Sunlight

On last night's episode of The Fashionista Diaries, the kids spent the weekend in the Hamptons, and we got to see more of Connecticut-native Tina's cultural experience with African Americans. She didn't know that black people could get darker in the sun, and apparently didn't know that they'd be interested in… »9/20/07 4:30pm9/20/07 4:30pm

'The Fashionista Diaries': Mandie Erickson Is Still Acting All Cunty

Sometimes we feel bad that we continually call Seventh House PR "mentor" Mandie Erickson a "Cunt Face" — until we watch the show another week and she continues to behave like one. Seriously, the bitch does not let up! Unfortch, there was no blow up from Laurie over the Gucci shoe incident from last week. We don't… »9/13/07 12:00pm9/13/07 12:00pm

Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson: To Know Her Is To Loathe Her

Ever since we began our coverage of The Fashionista Diaries and our obsession with Seventh House's Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson, we've gotten quite a few emails and tips from readers who know her personally and really fucking hate her guts. Like a lot. One reader, who referred to CF as "evil and disgusting," told us… »9/06/07 4:00pm9/06/07 4:00pm

The Fashionista Diaries' Mandie 'Cunt Face' Erickson: Before She Was Famous

A very awesome reader pointed us in the direction of this photo of The Fashionista Diaries' Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson from back in the day (way back—before Natasha's junkie, scabby face looked like a connect-the-dots puzzle), and suggests that perhaps CF's raspy voice was brought on by smoking crack with Natasha… »8/31/07 11:00am8/31/07 11:00am