I Have A Crush On Vanity Fair's Vow To Vanquish The "Man Crush"

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is one of those guys who did some drug in the sixties that left him with a permanently enlarged Id. (Also: Does it sometime seem like former hippies who still have all their hair also retained their wholly undeserved level arrogance of their youths?) Anyway I never really paid… »6/25/08 12:30pm6/25/08 12:30pm


Is There Anything More Painful Than Watching A Dude "Mancrush" On Another Dude?

Next month's Vanity Fair's examines the horror wreaked by the "man crush" upon our civilization in recent years: apparently Karl Rove formed a Man Crush on George W. Bush, who in turn nursed a mutual man crush on Tony Blair. Less disastrously, Nicolson Baker had a hardon for Updike. Every male member of the Washington… »6/10/08 12:00pm6/10/08 12:00pm