Lynne Spears: Through The Storm And "We're Looking At The Sunshine"

Lynne Spears was on Today »9/17/08 12:00pm9/17/08 12:00pm this morning discussing her new book , in which she talks about raising her kids under an intense spotlight. Predictably, during her interview, a lot of her answers to uncomfortable questions involved "prayer," "praying," and "God." As far as Britney's disastrous 2007 VMAs, Lynne says that a…

Your Toddler's Temper Tantrum Is Totes Not Your Fault

I vividly remember Judd Apatow's Slate diary from two years ago in which he described his 2-year-old daughter Iris's meltdown at a mall, because it so epitomizes what it's like to be around a toddler. "Iris had such a knipshit (as we used to say) — a total meltdown — that I thought I was going to get arrested by cops… »3/26/08 4:00pm3/26/08 4:00pm