Mental Note: That Test Tube Of Lipstick May Have E. Coli

"Researchers found staph, strep and even E. coli bacteria on makeup testers. "You should just think ‘E. coli equals feces...That means someone went to the bathroom, didn't wash their hands and then stuck their fingers in that moisturizer." [LAT] » 4/19/10 7:30pm 4/19/10 7:30pm

Meet The New Avon Ladies Kids

"[Mark]'s really a grass-roots kind of thing, hitting the dorms, sororities, Facebook...I even rented space at local high school fairs - with 16- and 17-year-olds, you can move a lot of lip gloss." [NYT, Image via Greg Sailor] » 1/14/10 5:20pm 1/14/10 5:20pm

Now In High-Definition!

The advent of unforgiving HD has forced makeup artists to adapt, making makeup less visible at close range. "With HD, less is always better," says Mad Men's Debbie Zoller. [] » 7/24/09 5:20pm 7/24/09 5:20pm

Door To Door

Avon is one of a number of "direct selling companies" bucking the recession. No longer limited to "ladies," Avon's been able to recruit many new "representatives" of both sexes to vend their Reese Witherspoon-associated products. [Independent] » 7/08/09 12:30pm 7/08/09 12:30pm