That Viral 'First Kiss' Video Looks a Lot Like This 1990 Short Film

After discovering that viral 'Strangers Making Out' video was actually an ad full of models and other handsome types, perhaps you wondered what a less commercial alternative might look like. Wonder no more! Here is a short film from 1990 that's practically the same idea, except starring actual couples. » 3/12/14 4:00pm 3/12/14 4:00pm

That Viral 'Strangers Making Out' Video Is a Clothing Ad

There's a short video currently going viral called "First Kiss," which shows 20 strangers meeting for the first time and then making out—on camera. Adorably awkward and surprisingly steamy, it's pretty charming. It's also a clothing advertisement. » 3/11/14 2:50pm 3/11/14 2:50pm