Designers Dress Up; Lindsay Wants A Job

  • No plain yearbook headshot for this year's CFDA nominees: Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, et al posed for Craig McDean while wearing their own creations. [WWD]
  • Leggings impresario Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be seeking a position as Ungaro's "creative consultant." Designer Esteban Cortazar is allegedly spitting…
  • »6/02/09 11:30am6/02/09 11:30am

Pete Wentz Is Sorry He's So Tastemaking; Maggie Rizer Is Sorry She Didn't Shave

There are a lot of Fashion Week blogs full of content that would probably be terribly interesting to people who don't read blogs while they're at Fashion Week. Sound like a familiar conundrum, anyone? Here, Intern Maria sifts through the Fashion Week blogs for anything of interest to, uh, anyone we might know. »9/06/07 7:20pm9/06/07 7:20pm

Breaking Fashion Week News: Ralph Lauren Holds Himself In High Regard

  • Tomorrow is Fashion Week, and to get your bile a-flowing we have excerpted the inimitable Ralph Lauren: "What is wonderful is that I have had success doing what I love and what I believed in. I didn't sell out; I didn't wine and dine anybody. I just learned how to kiss on both cheeks. I'm proud that it worked. I…
  • »9/04/07 10:00am9/04/07 10:00am

News At 10: Jennifer Lopez Getting Flakier By The Day; Scientology Possibly To Blame

  • Have Scientologists got their alien claws into Jennifer Lopez after all? She was using L. Ron Hubbard-sanctioned words like the "rightness" on American Idol the other night. [Rush&Molloy, 2nd item]
  • Notorious hothead and former (?) drug user Oliver Stone used the N-word. Sixteen years ago. Probably while high. Why do…
  • »4/13/07 11:00am4/13/07 11:00am