College Guys Read Sports Illustrated, Women Prefer Cosmo

A survey of 900 undergrads found 37% subscribe to magazines, but there's a huge gender divide: Sports Illustrated is the top title for men, Cosmo ranked first with women, and only Time made the top ten for both genders. [Mediabistro] » 2/26/10 2:40pm 2/26/10 2:40pm

Gela Nash-Taylor & The Juicy Manor: It's Deep How She Can Be So Shallow

Vogue's always been good at championing the idea that being rich is awesome, and the September issue features a profile on Juicy Couture's Gela Nash-Taylor, who spends eight weeks of the year at her historic manor in the English countryside. » 8/18/09 2:20pm 8/18/09 2:20pm

Elle's A Lumberjack, And It's Okay

Elle » 10/20/08 2:00pm 10/20/08 2:00pm recognizes that times are tough this season — that's why all its fall fashion ideas double as Halloween costumes. If you'd like to be a , for instance, page 152 has all you need, including high heels (plaid), suspenders, and a vinyl backpack shaped like a tree trunk ($54). If werewolves are more your speed, check…

Does This Skirt Make Me Look Fast?

When I swim, I routinely wear the ugliest getup possible. My bathing cap is so old it's hard. I finally got rid of my last bathing suit when I realized you could see my ass through the material. I wear these hideous items because I like my workouts to be an asocial experience, in which I pretend to be invisible. So I… » 7/16/08 2:30pm 7/16/08 2:30pm