A Few Hills, Mostly Valleys At Lauren Conrad's Fashion Show

Another day, another undistinguished offering from "designer" Lauren Conrad. Her Los Angeles Fashion Week show brought the shoddy craftsmanship, boring designs and Dov Charney-like predilection for jersey we've come to expect from the reality star. It's not all »10/16/08 4:20pm10/16/08 4:20pm bad — there are certainly a few numbers you'd pick up at…

LA Fashion Week's 'Fashionably Natural' Show Brings Out Naturally Horrible Fashion

L.A. fashion week is the poor bastard step-child of the global Fashion Week world. It kicked off last night with a 'Fashionably Natural' runway show at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Although hosted by the unassailably awesome Maggie Gyllenhaal — and, yes, some of the actual clothes on the runway were cute — the… »10/10/08 10:00am10/10/08 10:00am