CA Senate Candidate Criticized for Mocking Native Americans

California congresswoman and current Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez has come under pretty intense scrutiny after making a “war cry” sound and gesture during an informal talk at the California Democratic Party Convention. Sanchez made the stereotypical gesture while explaining to a group of California Democrats that… »5/17/15 1:45pm5/17/15 1:45pm


Three Congresswomen Are Serious About Stamping Out Sexual Abuse in the U.S. Military

The military's track record with handling cases of sexual assault has been less than sterling, which is an extremely understated way of saying that it has been a travesty that only seems to become more outrageous with each new allegation of abuse perpetrated, covered-up, and, for a time, forgotten. Three Democratic… »10/03/12 2:05pm10/03/12 2:05pm