Practical Tips For "Personal Style" Or, Why Not To Listen To Women's Magazines

I was thumbing through the July issue of InStyle the other day and ran across one of those ubiquitous "find your personal style" pieces that then, of course, gives you a narrow range of "personal styles" by which to define oneself, and then, this being InStyle, tells you what celebrity you should look like. (The… »7/16/08 3:00pm7/16/08 3:00pm

Made to Measure: Or, Broken Dreams And A Wool Jersey Dress

I've always wanted to be the kind of woman who could sew her own clothes. It's a skill that combines practicality and creativity - always desirable - and, theoretically, is thrifty, too. What's more, how great would it be to be able to whip up a replica of the dress she wears in The 39 Steps, and when compliqueried,… »6/24/08 5:40pm6/24/08 5:40pm

Bill Cosby's Unwanted Eighties Sweaters Are Actually Fashionable

So, Bill Cosby's sweaters, which he's attempting to auction for an educational charity in his late son Ennis Cosby's name, have apparently failed to elicit any bids on eBay. (Granted, the asking start is five grand. And it's June.) I guess it'd be easy to make a joke at the sweaters' expense - they are indeed… »6/04/08 4:30pm6/04/08 4:30pm

Pretty In Public: The Drive-By Askliment Is A Touchy Sartorial Subject

So, on the subway this morning, someone asked me where I got my dress. It made my day. For this reason, and despite its controversial status, I'm a big fan of the drive-by sourcing-compliment. If someone's wearing something I like, I'll ask where she got it - it's flattering, and its a way I've found a lot of stuff… »6/03/08 3:30pm6/03/08 3:30pm