Escaped Dog Delays Flights • FBI Rescues Sex Slaves

• A stray poodle delayed » 10/27/08 5:40pm 10/27/08 5:40pm at least 8 flights at Boston's Logan Airport for about 20 minutes on Sunday when it frolicked on the tarmac. • A has found that women who take flaxseed oil in the last two trimesters of pregnancy increase their risk of giving birth prematurely. • More science: a has found that breast-feeding …

Swimmers Swoon Simultaneously; Brady Bunches Are Bad For Offspring

PR firm survey finds that people trust average-looking, well-mannered men the most. • Dorky shoes grow with kids' feet. • Three synchronized swimmers faint simultaneously while in pool practicing. • Testosterone for women will not increase sex drive. • Stereotypes can lead to success! Or, uh, failure. • Everyone can… » 4/22/08 5:40pm 4/22/08 5:40pm