Noted Asshat Liz Trotta Thinks Feminists Are Causing Military Rape

Fox News analyst Liz Trotta, determined to take a dump all over any shred of dignity she was thinking about leaving in her legacy, has clarified what she said about military rape victims totally asking for it last week: she didn't mean to say that they were personally totally asking for it, just that women shouldn't… »2/21/12 6:15pm2/21/12 6:15pm


An Ex-Marine Explains Why Military Women Shouldn't 'Expect' to Be Raped

From 2003-2008, I was a United States Marine. Trained as a Russian Linguist, I worked as a Security, Governance, and Economics Analyst. "Property of male Marines" was never in my job description, and therefore I should never have had to "expect" to be raped. Nowhere in my enlistment contract, not even in the fine… »2/15/12 4:55pm2/15/12 4:55pm

Samantha Bee's Hilarious Response to the Women in the Military Debate

While it's ridiculous that this is even a topic in our national discourse, a lot of people have been throwing around arguments against women in the military these days. First there was Rick Santorum saying that male soldiers will have a harder time doing their jobs because they won't be able to surpress their… »2/15/12 1:40pm2/15/12 1:40pm

Women in the Military Should Just Expect to Be Raped, Says Fox News Asshole

In addition calling participants in Occupy Wall Street "ravers who sound like the Unibomber" and asking for what sounded a lot like Barack Obama's assassination, Fox News commentator Liz Trotta can add a dubious new achievement to her resume: person who officially thinks that United State's servicewomen who are raped… »2/13/12 5:40pm2/13/12 5:40pm