"Housewife Finds Time To Write Short Stories": An Evening With Alice Munro

The thing about privilege is that it's easy to ignore. It's part of your particular set of fated circumstances, as much a forgettable part of your self as the shape of your nose or the writing callus on your index finger. Hearing the probably-callused Canadian writer Alice Munro interviewed by fiction editor Deborah… »10/06/08 12:30pm10/06/08 12:30pm

New York Times Hard-Pressed To Name Funniest Female Novelists

New York Times »9/16/08 3:30pm9/16/08 3:30pm book critic David Kelly asked his fellow writers to name and he noted that not a single female author was nominated. "Where are the female nominees?" Kelly wonders. "Someone here mentioned Jane Austen, but only halfheartedly and only after I pointed out that not a single novel by a woman had been…

Zelda Fitzgerald Went Crazy Because She Was Schizophrenic, Not Because She Was Oppressed

BlueStocking, a feminist online journal from Oxford that aims to "investigate the intellectual and artistic achievements of women," has an essay in their current issue making a case for the artistic importance of Zelda Fitzgerald. Mostly Zelda is thought of as F. Scott's wife, and writer Lindsey Meyers says Zelda was… »3/14/08 1:00pm3/14/08 1:00pm