Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Are Back On, Spotted Moping Together in LA

In their first documented outing together since Sandersgate, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted with a big group of friends in Los Feliz at a bar (somewhat hilariously) named Ye Rustic Inn. God, of course those two do the Big Group Hang, just like those 14-year-old Goth kids who stand around the… »10/16/12 9:00am10/16/12 9:00am


Chris Brown Softens His Image by Becoming an Amateur Pit Bull Breeder

Clearly not that keen to soften his image, Chris Brown has decided to become an inadvertent pit bull breeder. Rather than, you know, spay the pets he keeps at his mom's place, he's decided to sell the eight pups his dog had for $1,000-a-pop. Though Brown's mom Joyce is marketing them as "Chris Brown puppies" on Twitter »4/25/12 9:00am4/25/12 9:00am