What Do Bradshaw, Plath, And De Beauvoir Have In Common? An Addiction To Egotistical Men

There's an article in today's Guardian asking Can a feminist really love Sex and the City? The short answer: yes. A woman's pop cultural affections often have very little to do with her belief system. But the other question implicit in this article would be "Is Carrie Bradshaw a proper feminist icon?" That question is… »4/16/08 3:20pm4/16/08 3:20pm

In Post-Industrial Society, Women Are Either "Princess Crazy" Or Her Handmaidens

How many times has a dude accused you of being "crazy" when you think you're being perfectly rational? Well there's a new book out by Paris-born writer Lisa Appignanesi, Mad, Bad and Sad: A History of Women and the Mind Doctors from 1800, which argues that women's so-called madness has been gerrymandered by shifting… »2/18/08 1:30pm2/18/08 1:30pm