The Vagacial: Now Your Vagina Needs A Facial Too

Marketers are getting better at capitalizing on the idea that vaginas are gross. First there was labia dye, and now San Francisco's Stript Wax Bar is offering the "Vajacial," a facial for your vagina. » 2/11/10 4:30pm 2/11/10 4:30pm

My New Pink Button: "Restore The Youthful Pink Color Back To Your Labia"

Anti-aging mania and marketing: Not just for your face anymore! Now there's My New Pink Button, genital cosmetic colorant. Or, as our tipster calls it: Pussy dye. So, are you a Marilyn, a Bettie, a Ginger or an Audry? » 1/11/10 3:00pm 1/11/10 3:00pm