Dov Charney Got A $1.1 Million Bonus Last Year

As American Apparel flirted with bankruptcy, suffered declining sales, got sued by Woody Allen, lost many of its workers following an immigration raid, and defended yet more sexual-harassment lawsuits, Dov Charney's performance was apparently so stellar he deserved a bonus. » 10/27/10 6:10pm 10/27/10 6:10pm

American Apparel Saved From Bankruptcy — For Now

American Apparel's main lender has agreed to cut the company a break. That just leaves a Department of Justice investigation, an accounting scandal, an SEC investigation, avoiding delisting, late quarterly filings, plummeting sales, and overall un-profitability on the to-do list! » 10/04/10 3:27pm 10/04/10 3:27pm

American Apparel's Bankruptcy Is Inevitable

Things have gone from bad to worse for the pants-optional C.E.O. and his t-shirt company. To put it nicely, it's highly probable that the retailer will go bankrupt — and soon. Bluntly: American Apparel is probably fucked. Here's why. » 7/30/10 5:05pm 7/30/10 5:05pm