Mary-Kate Olsen To Emerge From Hole For Fashion

  • M-K Olsen is supposedly venturing out of her Salinger-esque hiding to attend the Giambattista Valli show today. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Too bad, because also in MK news: she is writing a book! With Ashley, about (what else?!) her inimitable style. We assume this means she'll also go on the road promoting it, as opposed…
  • » 2/28/08 11:30am 2/28/08 11:30am

U.S. Senators Finally Get The Message That Outsourcing Isn't Good For American Apparel Industry

  • In the department of a-day-late-and-dollar-short, Senators Elizabeth Dole and Maria Cantwell have introduced legislation that would aid textile/apparel workers who lose their jobs when the work goes overseas. If those workers haven't already blown American Apparel's Dov Charney (above right), that is! [WWD]
  • Kate…
  • » 6/26/07 10:19am 6/26/07 10:19am

Barneys New York Goes Middle-Eastern: Will The Jews Follow?

  • The long-anticipated sale of luxury department store Barneys New York finally went down this weekend, going to a Dubai-based investment firm for $832 million and making for what was probably the smoothest Middle Eastern negotiation in modern history. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Now that Barneys is owned by Arabs, however, does…
  • » 6/25/07 10:00am 6/25/07 10:00am

Limited Brands Would Like You To Buy An Angel Bra

  • Gisele got out just in time: Limited Brands — the owner of Limited, Express, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret and probably some other highly-fragranced mall-type stores — is floundering, trying to sell off parts and blaming weak sales on gas prices, cold weather. [WSJ]
  • But Target is so just not having that…
  • » 5/24/07 11:10am 5/24/07 11:10am