All Your Fave Serial Killers Had a Dinner Party on American Horror Story: Hotel

Devil’s Night is the evening before Halloween, and in the Hotel universe—and at the Hotel Cortez itself—that means the most notorious serial killers in American history gather for a formal feast at the forever home of Mr. James March, whom they refer to as “The Master.” Well—the dead serial killers, anyway. It’s their… »10/29/15 11:10am10/29/15 11:10am


Sarah Jessica Parker Shows Range By Playing Wealthy, White New York Woman

You know the drill: when Hollywood actresses aren't being scrutinized for their looks by dude-centered gossip blogs then they're being given roles laced in stereotypes. The latest round of casting announcements proves to us that female stereotypes in films are here to stay (and probably won't go away with any actor's… »6/26/08 6:20pm6/26/08 6:20pm