Beyoncé's 'Documentary' Was Just a Theatrical Infomercial

Over the weekend, Beyoncé's "documentary," Life Is But a Dream, aired on HBO. It wasn't really a documentary, though, it was part video diary, part infomercial, part carefully staged interview intended to give viewers the sense that the singer was revealing all, when in fact, she revealed very little. » 2/18/13 6:20pm 2/18/13 6:20pm

Saturday Night Social: The Unlikely Pairing of Christoph Waltz and…

Like a full-bodied Austrian wine and a hella sassy cheese, sometimes the best combinations are the most unexpected. Tonight, two big names stage a coup d'etat on your evening television schedule: First up, at 9, the intellectual, rather terrifying Austrian Django Unchained star Beyoncé appears on HBO in Life is But A… » 2/16/13 6:30pm 2/16/13 6:30pm