Is It Ever Okay To Lie To Your Loved Ones?

Juliet Bridges and her husband are getting a divorce. Her future ex-husband hasn't been living in the family's home since Christmas—but her two children, ages 7 and 9, still don't know that he's never moving back in. » 7/11/10 6:00pm 7/11/10 6:00pm

Cindy McCain's Marriage Is Not Exactly A 'Straight Talk Express'

Potential First Lady/onetime pill-popper Cindy McCain hit up Leno last night, appearing elegant in a canary-yellow pantsuit (shades of Hillary?) and eager to talk about her husband's candidacy, including concern over his advanced age and her family's reaction to his repeated presidential run. Cindy was agreeable… » 5/01/08 3:30pm 5/01/08 3:30pm