Giant Rugby Ad in Australia Features a Wallaby Probably Raping a Lion

An Australian company called Sportsbet (bet you can’t guess what it does) found a remarkably horrible way to greet international visitors at Melbourne Airport — they painted an enormous (170 meters by 90 meters) sign directly under the international flight path depicting what appears to be interspecies rugby mascot… »6/23/13 3:00pm6/23/13 3:00pm

Neighbors Call 911 After Mistaking a Dog as a Lion, Probably Because He's a Lion at Heart

911 received a panicked call in Norfolk, Virginia from a concerned citizen who claimed that a baby lion was roaming the street, possibly in search of food. Police contacted the local zoo to assure that all of their lions were accounted for ("In their cage, playing euchre as usual," responded the zoo keeper) before… »1/09/13 12:56pm1/09/13 12:56pm

Meet Kiara: Mostly Lion, A Little Bit Tiger, Entirely Adorable

Born in a Russian zoo, baby Kiara's dad is an African lion and her mom's a liger: half-lion, half-tiger, which makes her the world's first hybrid "liliger." When Kiara's mom wasn't able to nurture the cub, a housecat named Dasha who belongs to one of the zookeepers stepped in (and for 20% additional squee, here they… »9/22/12 12:00pm9/22/12 12:00pm

Meredith Vieira Lands Interview With Former Owners Of "Christian The Lion"

By now, pretty much everyone in America has seen the YouTube video starring Christian the Lion »7/30/08 1:30pm7/30/08 1:30pm, a lion cub bought in London by friends John Rendell and Ace Bourke in the 1960s, relocated to Kenya soon afterwards, and then reunited with Rendell and Bourke a little over a year later. The show's producers tracked down…