Eternally Gross John Edwards Reportedly Flirting with Female Juror

According to an ABC news report, John Edwards has been creepily flirting with a female juror while on trial for creepiness. Luckily, she's totally into it. "The juror clearly instigated the exchanges," the reporter claims. "She smiles at him. He smiles at her. She giggles. He blushes. The flirtation has become so… »5/25/12 8:00pm5/25/12 8:00pm


Former LFO Member Now Spends His Time Live-Tweeting at Abortion Clinics

Ever wonder what LFO's Brad Fischetti is up to these days? Thanks to his Twitter feed (and Buzzfeed's story, which tipped us off), we now know he spends his days hanging out at the Orlando Women's Center and tweeting about patients who "need to be saved" from having abortions in creepily specific detail. »5/24/12 4:30pm5/24/12 4:30pm

The Esquire Map To Jennifer Love Hewitt's Dating History

Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose womanly allure has been well chronicled, is no slouch in the dating department. She's been linked to hotties near and far, including talk show hosts Craig Ferguson [Yum. -Ed.], and Carson Daly, teen heartthrobs Joey Lawrence and Wilmer Valderrama, rising stars Patrick Wilson and Kip Pardue,… »1/23/08 2:30pm1/23/08 2:30pm