The Most Inspirational Moments From The Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony

On Friday, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman were awarded their Nobel Peace Prizes. During the ceremony, all three women spoke eloquently about the struggles they'd faced—not just as women, but as people living under oppressive regimes. Given that the prize was shared by the three women, it's… » 12/11/11 4:05pm 12/11/11 4:05pm

Peace Prize Winner Gbowee: Occupy Wall Street Needs 'A Focused Agenda'

Want to know what Nobel Peace Prize Leymah Gbowee sees as the biggest problem facing women today? This morning, I got to ask her. » 10/17/11 1:55pm 10/17/11 1:55pm

Three Female Leaders Win Nobel Peace Prize

For the first time since Wangari Maathai, who passed away last month, a woman has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Three women, to be exact — Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee of Liberia, and Tawakul Karman of Yemen. » 10/07/11 11:20am 10/07/11 11:20am

Erykah Badu And The Liberian Sex Strike

Of the many astonishing, alternately horrifying and inspiring things that Liberian women's rights activist Leymah Gbowee said at breakfast this morning, there was the story of her taking off her clothes to prevent her arrest. » 4/07/10 6:00pm 4/07/10 6:00pm

'Beast' Of Burden: Congo's Survivors "Must Understand They Have The…

Early this morning, Christiane Amanpour hosted Dr. Denis Mukwege, Annie Rashidi-Mulumba and Leymah Gbowee at The Daily Beast's Women in the World conference for a difficult discussion on rape as a weapon of war, and what to do about it. » 3/13/10 1:30pm 3/13/10 1:30pm