These Cute Pictures Should Help You Forget About Prince Harry's Butt

Because a royal's work is never done (if you consider circling the world for photo ops "work," of course), Prince Harry recently visited the African nation of Lesotho to check in on the efforts of Sentebale, the children's charity he cofounded. They're building a new center that will, among other things, support kids… »12/19/14 11:30am12/19/14 11:30am

Your Boyfriend Prince Harry Grins His Way Through a Visit to Lesotho

Look, obviously, like most royal outings, this was a carefully planned photo op and there were all kinds of news outlets invited, and Prince Harry had no choice but to perform his duties in the African kingdom of Lesotho — promoting his charity, Sentebale — with a smile. But here's the thing: His smiles seem genuine,… »2/28/13 10:50am2/28/13 10:50am