Did You Catch the Cameo By the Controversial Girls Writer in Last Night's Episode?

Lesley Arfin, the former Vice columnist and current Staff Writer for HBO's Girls — who infamously described taking a shit as "taking Obama to the White House" — made an appearance on last night's episode. Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, hung out in the bathroom at work chatting with her coworkers — one of whom was… » 5/07/12 6:00pm 5/07/12 6:00pm

A Complete Guide to 'Hipster Racism'

There's been a lot of talk these last couple of weeks about "hipster racism" or "ironic racism"—or, as I like to call it, racism. It's, you know, introducing your black friend as "my black friend"—as a joke!!!—to show everybody how totally not preoccupied you are with your black friend's blackness. It's the gentler,… » 4/26/12 1:20pm 4/26/12 1:20pm

Why We Need to Keep Talking About the White Girls on Girls

In the three days since Girls first aired on HBO, the conversation about the show has gone from a chatter to a dull roar, with many writers, critics and viewers discussing whether or not the show is realistic, insightful, funny, relatable, etc. But even more importantly: Girls has a serious problem when it comes to… » 4/19/12 1:00pm 4/19/12 1:00pm