Seasonale And Lybrel Are No More "Unnatural" Than Old School Contraceptives

In the Fall issue of Ms. »11/11/08 4:00pm11/11/08 4:00pm, Ann Friedman gets the real story behind Seasonale and Lybrel, the pills that allow women to menstruate only four times a year or not at all, respectively. Some opponents of these kinds of pills have argued that not having a period is "unnatural," and others say these pills "pathologize"…

The Many Contradictions Of Leslee Unruh, Anti-Abortion And "Purity" Advocate

Leslee Unruh is the President of the Abstinence Clearinghouse and Executive Director of Vote Yes for Life, which spearheaded the efforts to ban abortion in South Dakota. She's also dabbled in crisis pregnancy centers, mobile crisis pregnancy centers and even a home where unwed mothers can live rent free. These days,… »8/12/08 6:00pm8/12/08 6:00pm