Lesbian Teen Victoriously Settles With School Over Prom Snub

Constance McMillen accepted a settlement from her school for barring her from the prom, and a promise that the school will end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It's a victory not just for gay teens, but teens everywhere. » 7/20/10 12:44pm 7/20/10 12:44pm

Does Prom Matter For Gay Teens?

The Itawamba County School District has denied knowledge of a "decoy prom" set up for lesbian teen Constance McMillen, but one blogger questions the importance of prom within the larger spectrum of gay rights. » 5/25/10 9:30am 5/25/10 9:30am

Bigots Now Targeting Lesbian Teen's Graduation

It apparently wasn't enough that Constance McMillen's school insulted her with a decoy prom. Now the Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket McMillen's graduation, protesting against homosexuality and "the biggest lie of all - that God loves everyone." [PinkNews, via] » 4/28/10 12:30pm 4/28/10 12:30pm

Lesbian Teen Mocked By Classmates On Facebook

After holding their decoy prom, Constance McMillen's classmates continue to belittle her on a Facebook page called "Constance quit yer cryin." Luckily her supporters are also logging their own messages, like: "Good for you for standing up for yourself!" [CBS] » 4/07/10 2:30pm 4/07/10 2:30pm

Lesbian Teen Sent To Decoy Prom While Other Kids Party At Real One

All the news had been good for Constance McMillen, who was supposed to bring her girlfriend to her school's privately sponsored prom on Friday. Except that prom was a decoy. » 4/06/10 9:30am 4/06/10 9:30am

Lesbian Teen Will Go To Prom ... Kind Of

Constance McMillen will be allowed to bring her girlfriend to the private prom organized after her school canceled theirs. Her school still claims it did the right thing, arguing that the promtroversy was "a no-win situation." [CBS/AP] » 3/31/10 7:20pm 3/31/10 7:20pm

Judge Acknowledges Discrimination, But Won't Reinstate Prom

Constance McMillen's prom won't be reinstated — but her case has already inspired another school to open its prom to gay students. Will others follow suit? » 3/24/10 9:30am 3/24/10 9:30am

Lesbian Teen's School Claims It Was "Hounded"

School officials claim they were thinking of canceling prom even before Constance McMillen asked to bring her girlfriend, but that her request sealed their decision because "We were being hounded every day." There's an easy fix for that, guys. [AP] » 3/22/10 5:30pm 3/22/10 5:30pm

Zac Posen Claims Target Collection Inspired By "Lesbian Proms"

A hearing has been set for gay teen Constance McMillen's suit to get her school to reinstate her prom, and Zac Posen is capitalizing on her fame by claiming his new collection for Target is great for lesbian prom dates. » 3/17/10 3:40pm 3/17/10 3:40pm