This Awesome Purse Is Incredibly Easy To Make (Here's How!)

If you've never made a purse before, this just might be the purse for you. My last bag, the envelope clutch, was a great opportunity to explain the basics of leather working and bag construction. But that project had six major seams and nine minor ones. This bag, on the other hand, has two: the bottom and sides are… » 1/06/12 7:00pm 1/06/12 7:00pm

How To Make An Envelope Clutch

Oh, handbags. Next to underwear, shoes, and swimsuits, it's hard to think of a fashion item with a less attractive cost-per-square-inch. But if you have a few hours, a few beers, some leather and a needle and thread, you too can make a gorgeous, top-quality bag of your own. No sewing machine required. » 8/19/11 5:20pm 8/19/11 5:20pm

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