Nude Selfie-Taking Lawyer Advocates for Nude Selfie Takers Everywhere

If you're part of the small subset of people who pay attention to both Delaware and the law community in Delaware, I won't need to remind you who Brian Zulberti is. For the rest of you, Brian Zulberti is a man who likes to put the lawyers of Delaware on blast with emails about how he should be hired that included a… »10/21/13 11:10am10/21/13 11:10am


Surprise! The Best Jobs For Women In 2013 Require Ample Time, Money, Education

Although a study like this basically falls squarely in the Duh file (as in, did anyone really think the best job for women—or anyone—would be a blue-collar job with scant education requirements and shitty insurance?) the differing specifics of what determines "job satisfaction" for women and men is kind of interesting. »12/26/12 5:00pm12/26/12 5:00pm