Horrible Hagyness (Finally) Gets Her Own Clothing Line

  • The inevitable happened and TopShop gave model Agyness Deyn her own clothing line, because she dresses totally '80s and that is so edgy! [Vogue UK]
  • Designer Yves Saint Laurent is very sick. Pray for him. [NY Post]
  • No one can pronounce Badgley Mischka correctly, which would give us pause about the future of American…
  • »10/11/07 10:00am10/11/07 10:00am

Friends Of 'Vogue': Too Emaciated And Weak To Hand-Carry Their Own Copies?

  • Would you like a limited-edition carrying case with your ninety-pound September Vogue? Yeah, sorry, you only get one of you're an "FOV" — which we think is sort of like being an "SOB." [The Fashion Informer]
  • Did you know Sting named his daughter "Fuschia"? She just mutilated her Dior gown. "Galliano would kill me,"…
  • »9/18/07 10:30am9/18/07 10:30am

Betsey Johnson Goes Private Equity, 'Portfolio' Fashion Blogger Goes Ageist

  • Betsey Johnson is selling a majority of her label to a private equity firm, which is sort of like the tent dress equivalent of this year's fashion financing world, but Portfolio blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe is confused. What would a private equity firm want with Johnson, a "grandmother, 65 years old?" Um, and…
  • »8/23/07 10:00am8/23/07 10:00am

Levi's Hires Art-World Enfant Terrible Damien "Diamond-Boy" Hirst

  • No joke, we actually snorted when reading this: Levi's is doing a line (see what we did there?) with artist Damien Hirst for a brand called Warhol Factory X Levi's X Damien Hirst, which will debut during New York Fashion Week. Um, they do know this is the same guy who likes to, you know, encrust human skulls with…
  • »7/19/07 10:48am7/19/07 10:48am

Halston Taps Design Head At Last, Nepotism Surprisingly Not At Play

  • A star is born? Halston has at last named its new creative director (and it's not Harvey Weinstein GF Georgina Chapman), Versace senior women's and men's designer Marco Zanini. Good luck, buddy. May the ghosts of Roy and Jackie O bless your journey. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Hermione Granger herself, actress Emma Watson, has…
  • »7/13/07 11:53am7/13/07 11:53am

Will Your Semitism (Or Lack Thereof) Impact Your Barneys Shopping?

So now that Barneys New York is owned by a Dubai-based investment firm, some (er, Lauren Goldstein Crowe of Portfolio's 'Fashion, Inc'. blog) are convinced that luxury-minded Jews are going to take their business to other luxury department stores because no way in hell will they fund something owned by, you know, Arabs »6/25/07 12:48pm6/25/07 12:48pm

Lauren Goldstein Crowe Joins Righteous Struggle Against Fake Fendis

You know what? After our last post, we thought we were going to take a break from hating 'Portfolio' fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe. We can't, for one thing, get a decent picture of her, because the people who run WireImage won't give us an account, apparently because we are "mean." Also: We are really not… »6/07/07 1:17pm6/07/07 1:17pm

Life Advice For 'Portfolio' Fashion Blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe

Portfolio magazine's fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe is in New York, no doubt visiting with the people who hired her, which may be why her blog posts are suddenly really long. (But still bad!) Crowe's most recent nugget details how, after attempting to incite a backlash-to-the-backlash against the new Tom Ford… »6/05/07 10:57am6/05/07 10:57am

And the Winner of the First Lauren Goldstein Crowe Award Is... Lauren Goldstein Crowe!

Portfolio "Fashion Inc." blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe has a post today about how Manolo Blahnik's discovery of the internet reminds her of a day when "the internet" in the fashion industry was as dirty a word as, you know, "Cleveland." We were totally going to use this opportunity to muse on whether the… »5/31/07 12:22pm5/31/07 12:22pm