Now It All Makes Sense: ‘God Hates Fags’ Pastor Allegedly Had Gay Experience

Unfortunately for our sense of optimism that humanity has not yet reached the apex of its narrative parabola, we're all privy to the existence of Westboro Baptist Church leader (and possible lizard person) Fred Phelps. Among the many vile things we've learned about Phelps over his tenure as a hate-mongering demagogue… »3/15/13 2:40pm3/15/13 2:40pm

Former Westboro Baptist Member Calls Church Based Around Picketing a 'Cult'

A former member of the (hopefully soon legally recognized) hate group Westboro Baptist Church is speaking openly about what heinous assholes they are. Lauren Drain calls the church a "cult" and even though she still identifies as a Christian, she now stands against "any and all forms of violence, discrimination,… »2/11/13 9:55am2/11/13 9:55am