A Few Hills, Mostly Valleys At Lauren Conrad's Fashion Show

Another day, another undistinguished offering from "designer" Lauren Conrad. Her Los Angeles Fashion Week show brought the shoddy craftsmanship, boring designs and Dov Charney-like predilection for jersey we've come to expect from the reality star. It's not all »10/16/08 4:20pm10/16/08 4:20pm bad — there are certainly a few numbers you'd pick up at…

Attendees At Lauren Conrad's Fashion Show Dress As Poorly As She Designs

Yesterday, the fashion industry continued to give legitimacy to the lie that is Lauren Conrad's "career" as a "fashion designer" at L.A. Fashion Week. And naturally, all of LC's best frenemies from The Hills turned up to show their "support." Sadly, they dressed as badly as LC designs! (Also, Lisa Rinna was there.)… »3/12/08 10:30am3/12/08 10:30am

Lauren Conrad's "Bella" Collection: Just As Bad As "City Of Angels"

Question about Lauren Conrad. Why does she think she is so talented that she has to put out not one but two Spring 2008 collections? Remember her first Spring '08, collection? "City of Angels"? There was nary an angelic look to be seen, but there were plenty of overpriced jersey dresses. And shocker, her second Spring… »3/06/08 3:30pm3/06/08 3:30pm