Hilarious Girl Discovers She's a Wizard After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth…

This girl's mother was kind enough to film her in her looped out state after she got surgery on her wisdom teeth, and the girl was brave enough to share her crazed ravings on YouTube. Thank goodness she did because it's quite a long, strange trip she takes us on, including this bit of insight: "I'm a wizard! I… » 4/02/12 11:15pm 4/02/12 11:15pm

The Video Guide To Females Farting On Film

The average human farts 14 times a day, yet it's rare for women to be portrayed as gassy in pop culture. To debunk the widely-held (male) myth that "girls don't fart," we present a comprehensive reel of female fart scenes. » 11/18/10 2:25pm 11/18/10 2:25pm