Outsourcing Your Pregnancy To India Is "Gaining Acceptance," Doctors Say

Remember that supposedly burgeoning trend of women outsourced their pregnancies to India that had us all agape a few months back? Well, the AP visited Anand, India, the capital of the rent-a-womb industry, to report on the trend. Turns out people are really coming around to the notion! One happy customer, an… » 12/31/07 10:00am 12/31/07 10:00am

Is America Too Powerful? Style.com's Greatest Minds Debate

Style.com is the internet portal for Vogue and W magazines, which is why its message boards mostly concern favorite models and how Allegra Versace is actually very healthy. But when active poster CaroChouette decided to log in earlier this week with the weight of American hegemony hanging on her shoulders, she opened… » 8/03/07 6:20pm 8/03/07 6:20pm

How To Outsource Your Pregnancy To India, Brought To You By 'Marie Claire'

Because our skills are so very very unique and, as globalization fanboy Tom Friedman would say, "untouchable," we didn't really worry about career competition from the, you know, caste of characters formerly known as the "untouchables." But then! Perez Hilton exposed the fact that even celebrity bloggers are coming… » 7/30/07 2:30pm 7/30/07 2:30pm