Oh Crap, Those Fancy Gel Manicures Might Be Bad for You

You know those Shellac and GelColor manicures that everyone is getting? The ones that don't chip for weeks and look all shiny? Yeah, well, they might give you cancer. Of course, the air you're breathing is probably also giving you cancer. So should you freak out about this or continue your gel manicure habit? Depends. » 3/06/12 10:40am 3/06/12 10:40am

Burning Desire

One look at this "Coochie Lamp" and the words, "Stay away from the light Carole Ann!" come to mind. (The copy notes, "Please don't burn your fingers.") [Random Good Stuff] » 6/18/08 4:00pm 6/18/08 4:00pm