Awesome British Lass Gives Women's Magazines Her Best Left Hook

We love to complain that the greatest crime perpetuated by women's magazine editors that they publish the old same crap under different covers month after month, year after year. Well, yesterday, we were directed to a website, Faking Good Breeding, on which a Smith College coed posted an excerpt from "What Every Woman… »2/20/08 4:00pm2/20/08 4:00pm


"You Are My Favorite Halloween Witch": Kooky 'Cosmo' Editor Helen Gurley Brown

Looking back at old issues of Cosmopolitan, we've come to the realization that former Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown was not only obsessed with calorie-restriction and randomly-exposed breasts, but that she was just plain crazy (in a charming way, that is). Take her editor's letters: The name-dropping! The strange… »9/26/07 11:00am9/26/07 11:00am

'Cosmopolitan' Celebrates "Plump" Women, 'Playboy' Style

Before women's magazines relied on the adjective "curvy" to help them describe any female with a body-mass index of over 20 (or a cup-size of C and above), they preferred the word "plump". (Or "cushiony"!) Below, a four-page spread from the October 1977 issue of Cosmopolitan meant to celebrate the idea that "Plump Is… »9/20/07 12:00pm9/20/07 12:00pm

30 Years of 'Cosmo' Ads: Scents, Spirits, Cigarettes & Sex

Yesterday, we kicked off our first Ladymag Lookback with a look at the differences in cover models and cover lines from three decades of Cosmopolitan: October '77, '87, '97, and '07. Today we're doing a mini-analysis of the advertising contained within each issue. Here's the narrative rundown: In addition to lots of… »9/18/07 3:30pm9/18/07 3:30pm