Illegal Immigrant "Drop Houses" Are Often Sites Of Sexual Assualts

Earlier this week, a group of mostly Central American illegal immigrants living in a "drop house" discovered by officials in South Los Angeles told authorities about the sexual assault that had been perpetrated by their smugglers. Drop houses are locations where smugglers hide hide newly-arrived immigrants and collect… »5/16/08 4:00pm5/16/08 4:00pm


Immigration Official Makes Colombian Woman Do Oral For Green Card

Get a load of this guy. His name is Isaac Baichu, and he's an immigration official who told a 21-year-old Colombian woman last December that he would not get her a green card unless she gave him a blowjob. Oh, and some sex. She just had to do it with him "one or two times," he told her. "That's all. You get your green… »3/21/08 1:00pm3/21/08 1:00pm