Toshi & Me: Won't Somebody Buy The Ballad Of My Beloved Cat?

I am one of those sick individuals who loves animals more than people. King Kong is my Schindler's List; I routinely stop to coo over creatures I encounter (including squirrels); and I give away more money to animal rights and rescue organizations than I do to Habitat For Humanity and Heifer International, forgetting… »8/03/07 2:30pm8/03/07 2:30pm

Tessa The Cat Eats With Fork; But Does She Slurp Spaghetti?

Lots of people imagine middle-age as a time to focus on emerald green fairways, Brooks Brothers-clad grandkids and once-a-year face-lifts. (Or if you're Frieda Birnbaum, birthing twins!) Not us! We've got a krazy kat lady inside us just itching to get out (seriously) and we think we've foreseen her destiny! Check out… »5/24/07 12:33pm5/24/07 12:33pm