Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoes Reveal That She's Fiercely Really Into Fashion

  • After much consideration I have decided that I do not care at all what the personal footwear choices of the Sex and the City stars say about their personalities. [LA Times]
  • Speaking of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker says that her son only wears his older cousin's hand-me-downs and has never been given new…
  • »5/09/08 12:30pm5/09/08 12:30pm

Sex And The City Movie Could Not Afford Clothes In Sex And The City Movie

  • It will not surprise anyone to learn that the clothes worn in the Sex & The City movie were not paid for by the movie's production budget but by designers hoping that product placement in the movie will result in clothing sales to actual people convinced that dressing like the characters in Sex & The City is a wise…
  • »4/23/08 11:30am4/23/08 11:30am

Karl Lagerfeld's Giant Chanel Jacket: Pretty Fucking Scary, Yeah?

  • Marianne Faithfull on that giant Chanel jacket sculpture thingy parked outside their couture show: "phallic." How long before someone brings Hillary Clinton's gender into this, ya think? [Fashion Week Daily]
  • J.Crew's new, hipper, and less-expensive line, Madewell, has just tapped someone from the land of magazines for…
  • »1/24/08 11:30am1/24/08 11:30am

Why Is Isaac Mizrahi Whoring Out His Name To Sell Skinned Animals?

  • Isaac Mizrahi just inked a fur licensing deal. WTF, Isaac? Was all your money in collateralized debt obligations tied to the subprime mortgage market? Yeah, didn't think so. [WWD, sub req'd]
  • Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton has taken a job working for famed fashion photographer Mario Testino, starting in a…
  • »1/23/08 11:30am1/23/08 11:30am

Chanel's "Night Of Diamonds": Pretty Lovely, Despite Ellen Pompeo

The Chanel Night of Diamonds dinner held last night at The Plaza Hotel in New York (which, btw, is no longer a hotel, but a bunch of really expensive condos) was yet another excuse for Chanel to toot its own horn. Seriously, is there any other way to rationalize a black-tie dinner in honor of a jewelry collection? One… »1/17/08 10:30am1/17/08 10:30am

Carla Bruni, French President Nicolas Sarkozy: It's Serious & Sartorial

Now that it's been confirmed that Nicole Kidman is pregnant, we're relieved that we can fully devote our energies to obsessing over whether or not former model Carla Bruni and French president Nicolas Sarkozy are really engaged or just like, totally committed to each other, but sans a wedding date. Chanel designer and… »1/08/08 3:00pm1/08/08 3:00pm

Should Africa Get Royalties For Matthew Williamson's Latest Collection?

  • The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office — the same outfit that shook down meek little Starbucks! — is charging British designer Matthew Williamson with the theft of traditional African fabric patterns, to which his rep says: "Historically, Matthew Williamson bases his collections on the idea of a modern girl who…
  • »12/13/07 11:00am12/13/07 11:00am

Chanel Metiers D'Art: What Do English Chic And Amy Winehouse Have In Common?

Last week, Karl Lagerfeld showed the annual Métiers d'Art collection for the house of Chanel in London. Our favorite krazy Kraut said the collection was an homage to both the old-school English chic loved by Mlle Coco herself and, um, Amy Winehouse. (Lagerfeld even went so far as to call Winehouse the new Brigitte… »12/10/07 1:00pm12/10/07 1:00pm

Screw Soccer! David Beckham's Time Spent Sitting Around In Boxer Briefs Pays Off

  • David Beckham has a new endorsement deal: Armani underwear in the United States! And you were afraid he and Posh might go broke... [Vogue UK]
  • Erin Fetherston for Target: Sorta secretly sorta available for purchase online. [Fashionista]
  • Karl Lagerfeld: "I am a popular figure for Halloween. Last year friends of mine…
  • »11/12/07 11:30am11/12/07 11:30am
Since taking over the venerable French fashion house founded by Coco Chanel in 1909, "Krazy&quo

Since taking over the venerable French fashion house founded by Coco Chanel in 1909, "Krazy" Kraut Karl Lagerfeld has deconstructed and reconfigured iconic Chanel looks, adding a punk edge to shapes that would otherwise be, well, too classic. This is a label all about flaunting it — and flaunting it better than anyone… »10/05/07 5:45pm10/05/07 5:45pm